2012 Recipient: Rockbar Farms

madison_hunterHarold Hunter, Rockbar Farms

$3,000—Rockbar Sweet Onion Project

Harold is growing one acre of yellow onions in 2012 on former tobacco land. He has tested various varieties and is most successful with yellow onions. Harold expects to reach 20,000 pounds a year in the first year, and plans to offer them at $.60 a pound. He anticipates an estimated net return of $6,000. Harold primarily markets through Madison Farms, which, in the past, could sell whatever he produced.

Harold is a third generation farmer, and his family has grown tobacco on his land since 1890. “It is my sole purpose to explore ideas until I have a farming operation that my son and his son will be proud to take over,” said Harold, who is excited that his son has expressed interest in farming.

“I am committed to not only keeping my farm sustainable but am very concerned about the farming future of all of Madison County,” Harold said. He remains active with the county’s agricultural community.



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