2018 Recipient: Lambert Farms

Danny and Krista Lambert, Lambert Farms

$6,000—Wood Chips and Manure Composting

The Lamberts will be employing a wood chip/manure composting system on their farm to support the production of sustainably raised grass-fed beef, pastured chickens, pastured pork and pastured eggs. They will purchase a wood-chipper, a manure spreader and additional pigs to create an on-farm compost method. This provides a link between their livestock and pastures/hayfields to significantly increase the sustainability of the farm while maximizing their resources. The wood chip/manure composting method will eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers on their hayfields, will help manage winter manure load produced by cattle and eliminates the need to burn excessive brush produced by cutting timber. This method would dramatically improve their farming practices to help them meet the demand of customers in their community.



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