County Award Farm Project Name
Avery $6,000 Sh-Nanny-Gans Targeted and Rotational Grazing
Avery $3,000 Wards Farm Cattle Handling System
Buncombe $6,000 Holt Livestock Breeding and Feeding Facility for Show Pig Production
Buncombe $3,000 Jasperwood Farm Construction of a Bulk Pumpkin and Winter Squash Curing Facility
Buncombe $6,000 Rolling Ridge Farm Cattle Handling System
Burke $6,000 Perry’s Berry’s Cold Storage and Processing of Blueberries
Caldwell $6,000 Thankful Fork Farm High Tunnel for Season Extension
Cherokee $6,000 Miller Farms Kress Plastic Finger Weeder
Clay $6,000 SMM Farms Produce Washing System
Cleveland $6,000 Wild Dahlia Homestead Native and Perennial Food Crops in a Forest Edge Permaculture Design
Graham $6,000 Wehrloom Honey Value-Added Product Expansion
Haywood $6,000 Ten Acre Garden Pick Your Own Berry Expansion
Henderson $6,000 Hoopers Creek Botanicals Plants Production Upgrade
Jackson $6,000 Balsam Gardens Expansion of Vegetables, Diversification of Markets, Transition to Certified Organic
Jackson $6,000 Bumgarner Farms Feed Facility
Macon $6,000 4 L Livestock Transition to Managed-Intensive Grazing
Madison $6,000 Down to Earth Farm Small-Scale Sheep Dairy
Madison $6,000 Jewel Hill Farms Hay/Haylage Operation
Madison $6,000 Reeves Home Place Farm WhiskeyPigs Branded Meat
McDowell $6,000 Mikell’s Farm Bee Farm Expansion
Polk $3,000 Old Mule Farm Frozen Lamb Storage/Distribution Space
Rutherford $6,000 Deer Valley Farm Cool Storage and Season Extension of Vegetables and Trout
Swain $3,000 Breedlove Family Farms Inc. Poultry and Game Birds
Transylvania $6,000 Pitch Pine Farm Season Extension
Transylvania $6,000 Still Hill Dressage Expansion of Horse Sales Using Management-Intensive Grazing
Watauga $6,000 High Country Ginseng Processing and Storage Facility
Watauga $3,000 Isaacs Farm Improved Calf Weaning Capabilities
Watauga $6,000 Ridgewood Simmentals Livestock Scales and Shelter
Watauga $6,000 Todd Combs Castle Ford Hops
Watauga $3,000 W.O.W.S.A. Off-grid Post-harvest Washing and Cold storage
Yancey $6,000 The Mushroom Hut at Fox Farms Growing On-Farm Agritourism and Sales