WNC AgOptions Awards 2011 Farm Diversification Projects

Grants support diverse agricultural ventures, build local agriculture system

The WNC Agricultural Options program recently awarded six community groups and 47 farmers grants totaling $326,000 to assist them in farm diversification and joint marketing and distribution efforts.

This year’s community grant recipients are creating cohesion, infrastructure and marketing for local products. Individual farm businesses are improving such diverse operations as a 75-acre kale, turnips and collards farm in Cherokee County, a new dairy in Madison County, a micro-greens venture in Watauga County, and a canned bamboo shoots business in McDowell County.

Community groups received varying amounts totaling $92,000. Grantees are: Avery County Farmers Tailgate Marketing Association, Jackson County Christmas Tree Association, Mountain Cattle Alliance, Mill Spring Agricultural Development Center, Watauga County Farmers Market and Southern Appalachian Family Farms.

Three individual farm businesses received $9,000 grants, 25 received $6,000 and 19 received $3,000. Projects increase the economic sustainability of farm businesses as well as provide demonstration to other transitioning farmers.

2011 WNC AgOptions Grantees

County/Region; Award; Name; Project

High Country: $5,000; Avery County Farmers Tailgate Marketing Association; Kyle Kitchin;
Community Advertising and Educational Campaign — GO >>

Far West: $13,000; Jackson County Christmas Tree Association; Charles Fowler;
Market Expansion for Christmas Tree Growers — GO >>

Far West: $20,000; Mountain Cattle Alliance; L.T. Ward;
Improving Marketability of WNC Livestock — GO >>

Central Mountains: $19,000; Mill Spring Agricultural Development Center/Friends of Agriculture;
Lynn Sprague; Polk Fresh Trade Post Project — GO >>

High Country: $18,000; Watauga County Farmers Market; David Sengel;
Site Analysis & Capacity-Building for WCFM — GO >>

Far West: $17,000; Southern Appalachian Family Farms (SAFF); Judy Johnson;
SAFF Start-Up and Marketing Plan — GO >>

Avery; 6000; Amos Nidiffer; Poultry Processing Facility

Avery: $6000; Tucker Hollow Farms; Grady Bob Johnson, Jr.; Berries and Honey — GO >>

Buncombe; 3000; Anthony Cole; Production of Colored Bell Peppers

Buncombe; 3000; William Metes; Shiitake Mushroom Smokehouse

Buncombe: $6000; Green Goddess Farm & Apiary; Joan and Carl Chesick;
Heckuva Honey House — GO >>

Buncombe; 6000; Thomas Shepherd Jr.; Specialty Poultry

Buncombe; 6000; Loretta Ball; Craggy View Farm Store

Buncombe; 6000; Leslie Sigmon; Indoor Oyster Mushroom Production

Buncombe; 9000; Eddie & Jeff Frisbee; Vineyard and Winery Expansion

Cherokee; 6000; Stephen Thompson; Wine Tasting Room, Pavilion

Cherokee; 6000; Katie Erwin; Greenhouse Underbench Heat and Irrigation Systems

Cherokee; 9000; Timothy Davis; Translicer for Greens

Cherokee Reservation; 3000; Mary Thompson; Traditional Cherokee Delicacies

Graham: $3000; Anderson Creek Apiary; Jeff Mansker; Honey House and Extractor — GO >>

Haywood; 3000; Herman Garrison; Clean Farm

Haywood; 6000; Ray Chambers; Refrigeration Transporation

Haywood: $3000; King Harvest Farm; Steve and Terry King;
Raspberry and Vegetable Expansion — GO >>

Henderson; 3000; Rick & Karen Jordan; Produce and Poultry Cooler

Henderson: $6000; Stepp’s Plants Etc.; Larry Stepp Jr.; Berry Irrigation Project — GO >>

Jackson: $3000; Noland Farm Place; David Noland; Improving Genetics and Structure — GO >>

Jackson; 3000; Steve Beltram; Poultry Processing Equipment

Jackson; 6000; Joni & John Wavra; Truffle Project

Macon: $6000; Rabbit Creek Bee Company; Tim and Annie Burrell;
Nuc Production for Natural Beekeeping — GO >>

Macon; 6000; Jodie Zahner; Expanding Production of Oconee Bells

Madison; 3000; Cassandra Lewis; Dairy Goat Parlor

Madison: $3000; Let It Grow Organic Gardens; Frank Teneralli;
Blackberry Production as a Means to Diversify Farm Income — GO >>

Madison; 3000; Thomas Charles; Winter Squash Curing Shed with Temperature Control

Madison: $3000; Horse Collar Farm; Shannon Roberts; Value Added Cattle — GO >>

Madison; 6000; Sue Mickey; Pure Dairy Goat Pet Milk

Madison; 6000; Chuck & Jeannie Blethen; Greenhouse and Vineyard Expansion

Madison; 9000; Steven Davis; Dairy Barn

McDowell; 6000; Mario & Michael DeLuca; Wine Production

McDowell; 6000; Bao Yang; Bamboo Shoots Testing/Processing

Mitchell: $3000; Byrd Charolais; Mark Byrd; Creep Feeder — GO >>

Mitchell; 3000; Mark Conley; Farming Hops

Polk; 6000; Randy & Megan Smith; All Natural Pastured Poultry

Swain; 6000; Mike & Joan Glover; Sleepy Hollow Farm Heritage Birds

Transylvania; 6000; Ronald & Cheryl Searcy; Goat Treatment Facility

Watauga; 3000; Robert Johnson; Harvest Equipment for Small-Scale Vineyard

Watauga: $3000; Sunny Side Farm; Todd Nolt; Raspberries — GO >>

Watauga; 3000; Jill Nicklaw; Microgreens

Watauga: $6000; North Fork Farm; Jimmy and Sheila Greene;
Meat CSA and Marketing Project — GO >>

Watauga; 3000; Charles Church; Vegetable Expansion

Watauga; 6000; Ryan Norris; Goat Leasing/Meat Production

Yancey; 3000; Ryan Wiebe; Well Establishment/ Drip Irrigation/ Fertigation

Yancey; 6000; Billy Bryant; Produce Expansion

Yancey: $6000; Green Toe Ground; Nicole DelCogliano; Fine Dining on the Farm — GO >>

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