County Award Farm Project Name
Avery $3,000 Hall’s Hill Farm Greenhouse Expansion/Extension  GO>>
Avery $3,000 Haw Mtn. Nursery Growing Fraser Firs in Outdoor Beds with Additional Light  GO>>
Avery $6,000 Daintrey Trees AVB Greenhouse Project  GO>>
Buncombe $6,000 Franny’s Farm Chicken Processing Barn with Brooder Room  GO>>
Buncombe $6,000 Ruby Brown Farm Pastured Raised Beef  GO>>
Buncombe $6,000 Morgan Farms Angus Beef Corn and Grass Field Chopper  GO>>
Buncombe $6,000 Wild Mountain Farm & Mountain Goatscapes Barn Raising  GO>>
Burke $6,000 Countryside Berries Muscadine Project  GO>>
Caldwell $6,000 Sugartown Farm and Nursery Adding a Sustainable Plant Nursery to Diversified Family Farm Operation  GO>>
Cherokee $6,000 Mission Valley Farms Efficient Drip Irrigation and Ultraviolet Water Purification for FSMA  GO>>
Cherokee $3,000 Postell Hollow Farm Economical Sheep Feeding Area  GO>>
Clay $6,000 Crawford Acres Expansion and Diversification  GO>>
Cleveland $6,000 Crookneck Farms Packing and Cooling Center  GO>>
Cleveland $6,000 Goforth Livestock Improving Beef Profits with TMR Feeding  GO>>
EBCI $6,000 Lambert Farm Wood Chips and Manure Composting  GO>>
Graham $3,000 Double 00 Farm Breed Preservation and Increased Pork Production  GO>>
Graham $6,000 Pine Row Farm Pasture Raised Heritage Hog  GO>>
Haywood $6,000 Leatherwood Family Farms, Inc. Freezer  GO>>
Haywood $6,000 Blake Francis Farm Round Bale Wrapper  GO>>
Haywood $6,000 Dreamy Dean Farm Heirloom Dry Bean & Corn Production Expansion  GO>>
Henderson $4,000 His Harvest Farm Irrigation System  GO>>
Jackson $3,000 Noland Place Farm Using  Creep Feeder to Increase Profit and Calf Health  GO>>
Macon $6,000 Blue Ribbon Farm Stone Grist Mill  GO>>
Madison $3,000 Wildbud Natives Shade Tunnel Project  GO>>
Madison $6,000 Our Friendly Allies Greenhouse/Farm Expansion  GO>>
Madison $3,000 Greenshine Farms Operation Paper Pot  GO>>
Madison $3,000 The Farmer’s Hands Teaching and Event Shelter GO>>
Madison $6,000 Grassroots Farm and Dairy Grade A Sheep Dairy  GO>>
McDowell $6,000 Mikell’s Farm Honey Honey Expansion  GO>>
McDowell $6,000 Orr Bee Supply Keeping Beekeeping Alive  GO>>
McDowell $6,000 Alt Hill and Verdant Pastures Small Fruit Diversification  GO>>
McDowell $6,000 Revis Russian Apiaries Instrumental Insemination of Russian Honey Bee Queens  GO>>
Mitchell $6,000 Jackie’s…Naturally Facilities Expansion  GO>>
Mitchell $3,000 Mayland Mushrooms Laboratory and Grow Room Renovation and Expansion  GO>>
Polk $6,000 Parker-Binns Vineyard Increased Wine Production and Diversification  GO>>
Rutherford $6,000 Belflower Farm Pasture Irrigation  GO>>
Swain $6,000 Two Girls Honey Company Apiary Expansion GO>>
Transylvania $6,000 McCall Farm Produce POS System  GO>>
Transylvania $6,000 Cantrell Creek Trout Farm, LLC Open An On-Site Hatchery  GO>>
Watauga $6,000 Green Dragon Ginseng Ginseng Seed Production: Creating an NC Seed Source  GO>>
Watauga $6,000 C and J Christmas Trees Multi-Purpose Building  GO>>
Watauga $6,000 Against The Grain Winter Pack Shed and Apprentice Kitchen  GO>>
Yancey $6,000 Locally Good Farm Expansion of Vinegar Production  GO>>