Charles King, Skye2Farm

$6,000 — Skye Farm Lavender Venue

To increase production in order to meet current demand and to create a new revenue stream, Charles King will be expanding his lavender farm by 470 plants as part of a new venue for agritourism events. Mr. King will plant a 3000 square foot circular garden consisting of 6 raised lavender beds to create a natural amphitheater with Roan Mountain as a back-drop. Now strictly an agricultural enterprise, the new “garden” space will create a unique venue for wedding events and ceremonies in the community. The revenue from agritoursim has the potential to increase profitability by up to $80,000 a year. The additional lavender plants will increase production yields to 1000 lbs. a year, helping to meet current demand for dried lavender and lavender related products. Skye2Farm currently sells lavender to tea makers, breweries, florists, spas and produce stands and make their own lotions, soap, insect repellant, infused oils, potpourri and bath scrubs.

Avery County


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