Anne and Aaron Grier, Gaining Ground Farm

$6,000—Expansion of Heirloom Wheat and Rye Flour Production

The Griers will purchase equipment to expand heirloom small grain production on their 12-acre diversified farm. While they have been growing grains for over 10 years, they have recently seen an increase in demand for heirloom flour. Partnering with a local grain milling business, their wheat and rye will be milled into flour and marketed directly to their CSA, tailgate markets customers, and restaurants in and around Asheville. With the grant, they will purchase a grain drill and a field harrow with rolling basket and leveling bar. This equipment is essential to their expansion project, providing the necessary tools to seed accurately within recommended timeframes for profitable yields at harvest. Gaining Ground Farm has a 30-member CSA, sells to over 15 restaurants in Asheville and at numerous weekly farmers markets.

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Buncombe County

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