Harold and Nancy Long, Long Family Farms and Gallery

$6,000—Mushroom and Medicinal Extracts and Oils

Harold and Nancy will be diversifying their farm business with the addition of a mushroom and medicinal plant dehydration and extraction operation. Shiitake, oyster, lion’s mane, resihi and wine cap mushrooms will be grown, harvested and dehydrated. Then, they will go through a dual extraction process to produce tinctures. Other produce grown on their 40-acre farm, such as berries and heirloom vegetables, will also be used to produce extracts. These unique products will be sold through established markets and a new on-farm store. A 2008 AgOptions grant allowed them to expand, helping to save culturally significant heirloom varieties, as well as saving their small family farm. They will purchase a commercial dehydrator and equipment needed to produce fruit and vegetable tinctures.



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