Wendy and Graham Brugh, Dry Ridge Farm

 $6,000 — Laying Hen Expansion

Wendy and Graham are expanding their egg production to include wholesale markets in Asheville. They will increase their laying flock to 2000 birds, which will allow them to respond to the growing demand among Asheville restaurants for local pastured eggs. This expansion will provide their farm with a solid profit and will allow them to hire a full-time employee to manage all aspects of their farm, including this expansion. This project will make their farm economically viable and will be a one-of-a-kind operation in Madison County and the surrounding area. Although their project is large in scale, the grant will pay for half of the new laying hens, alleviating the financial burden of other costs associated with such a large expansion.

Graham and Wendy have offered retail and wholesale cuts of beef, pork, lamb, chicken as well as eggs since they first bought their Mars Hill property in Oct. 2011. They currently sell beef, pork and eggs at three farmers markets and over seven restaurants in Asheville. A current restaurant customer will be able to purchase 25 cases of eggs per week when they are available.

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