Sam E. Silver, Sink Hole Creek Farms

 $6,000 — No-Till Seeder

In 2015, the farm converted its corn operation to a 100 % no-till planting operation. Moving to the no-till method for the corn reduced labor, fuel and equipment costs while mitigating soil erosion and run off. To complete their strategic plan of becoming a 100% no-till farm, Sam will be purchasing his own seed drill as it has become cost prohibitive for him to locate, rent, transport and return a rental drill numerous times each year. Based on the improvements and efficiencies gained during the corn transition, this method will be utilized farm-wide including on pasture land which has not been reseeded for generations. This will create better grazing and utilization of existing pastures to support their cow/calf operation. Overall, this piece of equipment will be critical for adopting the no-till method farm-wide and will result in better water quality and improved soil structure, enhancing both productivity of profitability.

Mitchell County

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