Casy Jordaan, Mountainwise Farm

Grant Award: $3,000 — Wash, Pack and Storage Facility

Having recently moved their farming operation from leased to owned land, Mounatinwise Farm will improve the infrastructure on their new farm location by converting an existing building into a dedicated, enclosed wash, pack and storage facility. Their building will consist of a washing and drying area (3 bay sinks, greens spinners, drying tables, high pressure spay nozzle for root vegetables), a packing area (2 stainless steel tables) and a walk-in dry and cold storage room (wall to ceiling shelving, AC unit and Coolbot control). This project is essential to their operation as they plan to double (if not triple) production of all crops in the 2018/2019 growing season. The new washing and packing facility will enable them to meet this goal and to hire 2 part-time workers. Mouantinwise Farms currently sells at Kings Street Market, Blowing Rock Market and 5 restaurants in Watauga County.

Watauga County


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