2019 County: Watauga

  Contact the Local Extension Agent   3M Livestock Diversifying Farm Operations Trebuchet Hill Cucumber Beetle Suppression: Alternative Row Cover  and Introduced Pollinators Heartwood Farms Rabbitry Full Moon Farms Paperpot Transplanter Mountainwise Farm Wash, Pack Storage Facility  

2019 Recipient: Skydance Farm

Danielle Crocker & Jason Willis, “Pick Dee’s Berries” at Skydance Farm $6,000—Agritourism Infrastructure for “You-Pick” Berry Farm To enhance their “You-Pick” berry operation and create a destination agristourism site, Danielle and Jason will be adding needed infrastructure to support tourists … View >>

2019 Recipient: S.D. Morgan Farms

Shannon Morgan, S.D. Morgan Farms $6,000—Less Sediment and More Seed Shannon Morgan will purchase a no-till seed drill for his hay and beef operation. The specialized no-till seed drill is an efficient way to improve the nutrients of the fields … View >>

2019 Recipient: Addison Farms Vineyard

Eddie and Jeff Frisbee, Addison Farms Vineyard $6,000—Crush, Cold Storage and Drying Facility Building on success gained through two previous AgOptions grants in 2011 and 2013, Addison Farms Vineyard has seen appreciable growth each year since 2013. This grant will … View >>

2019 Recipient: Sky2Farm

Charles King, Skye2Farm $6,000 — Skye Farm Lavender Venue To increase production in order to meet current demand and to create a new revenue stream, Charles King will be expanding his lavender farm by 470 plants as part of a … View >>

2019 Recipient: Tucker Hollow Farms

Grady “Bob” Johnson, Jr., Tucker Hollow Farms $6,000 — Bedding and Propagating Greenhouse Bob Johnson will add a dedicated bedding and propagation greenhouse to his existing operation. The new greenhouse will allow his farm to extend the growing season for … View >>

2019 County: Buncombe

    Contact the Local Extension Agent   Addison Farms Vineyard Crush, Cold Storage and Drying Facility S.D Morgan Farms Less Sediment/More Seed Wild Berry Farms Multi-Use Shed Gaining Ground Farm Expansion of Heirloom Flour Production  

2019 Recipient: Rice Family Farms

Beauford Rice, Rice Family Farms $6,000—Portable Corral With the addition of a Rawhide portable corral system, Rice Family Farms will have needed equipment to safely and efficiently work their cattle. Since their cattle are located on multiple locations, having a … View >>

2019 Recipient: Two Trees Farm

Sara Martin and Dustin Cornelison, Two Trees Farm / Sustainabillies $6,000—Outdoor Kitchen and Classroom Space Sara and Dustin will be building a covered multi-purpose outdoor space that will function as a kitchen, classroom, cold storage, washing and packing area and will … View >>

2019 Recipient: Dugan Farms

John Dugan and David Anderson, Dugan Farms $6,000—Mechanical Cultivation for Sustainable Weed Management John and David will be purchasing a mechanical cultivator to assist in weed management on his 10-acre vegetable farm. Currently, the two-person operation manages weeds by hand … View >>

2019 Recipient: Dollar Down Farm

Barry L. Bingham, Dollar Down Farm $6,000 — Growing Under Sliding Thunder Barry will add a movable “Sliding Thunder” high tunnel to his operation in order to extend his growing season, double his inside growing area and increase his capacity … View >>

2019 Recipient: Two Crows Farm

Beverly Woody Ham, Two Crows Farm $6,000 — Product Expansion for Third Quality Fiber Two Crows Farm will diversify the application of their least profitable grade of Alpaca fiber to generate marketable products to high-end consumers who focus on trendy, … View >>