2019 Recipient: Blue Ridge Apiaries

Ryan and Launi Higgs, Blue Ridge Apiaries $6,000 — Value-added Diversification with Session Mead Production Before starting their successful small-scale apiary that now supplies 12% of the total North Carolina honey crop, the Higgs were employees of the largest winery … View >>

2019 Recipient: High Country Herbs

Heather and Kris Gupton, High Country Herbs $6,000 — Farm Mechanization To increase production and reduce labor costs, the Guptons will be transitioning to mechanized farm production and adding a Caterpillar Tunnel to their 4-acre operation.  They are currently doing … View >>

2019 Recipient: Holt Orchards

Tracy Cavagnaro and Todd Kirmss, Holt Orchards $6,000 — Enclosure for Apple-Packing Line In response to the recent rapid growth of their business, 60-acre Holt Orchards will be adding a packing line to their apple operation. A 2017 AgOptions grant … View >>

2019 Recipient: Dry Ridge Farm

Wendy and Graham Brugh, Dry Ridge Farm  $6,000 — Laying Hen Expansion Wendy and Graham are expanding their egg production to include wholesale markets in Asheville. They will increase their laying flock to 2000 birds, which will allow them to … View >>

2019 Recipient: McConnell Farms

Danny McConnell, McConnell Farms $6,000 — Custom Labeling Project In addition to selling fresh fruits and vegetables, McConnell Farms, an established diversified family farm, offers a wide range of value-added products including ice creams, jams, preserves, fruit butters, acetified foods, … View >>

2019 Recipient: TK Family Farm

Jon D. Klimstra, TK Family Farm $6,000 — Apple Packing/Sorting Line Building on a 2016 AgOptions grant to establish a unique 1.3-acre high density apple orchard, Jon will be adding a packing/sorting line to accommodate the 800-1000 bushels of apples … View >>

2019 Recipient: Tater Hill Farm

Linda Shell and Terry Moffitt, Tater Hill Farm $3,000 — Tater Washer As their potato business has grown throughout the years, Tater Hill Farm moved from hand washing to renting a washing machine located a local food distribution center. Moving … View >>

2019 Recipient: Beekeeper Inc.

Cameron Brock Johnson, Beekeeper Inc. $6,000 —Bee Hive Transportation Upgrade Cameron will be upgrading his capacity for transporting beehives used for pollination services throughout North Carolina by purchasing a vehicle large enough to accommodate the hauling of 100+ hives at … View >>

2019 Recipient: Carolina Flowers

Emily Copus, Carolina Flowers $6,000 — Dahlia Crop Expansion Emily will be significantly expanding her dahlia crop that supplies florists in Charlotte, Raleigh, Charleston, as well as local markets, weddings and special events.  The grant will pay for the tubers … View >>

2019 Recipient: Jenkins Angus Farm

James Jenkins, Jenkins Angus Farm $6,000 — AI Cattle Working System To double profits and significantly increase his herd’s value, James will be adding a sweep system and squeeze chute to artificially inseminate 90% of his cattle annually. Currently, he … View >>

2019 Recipient: Highgate Farm

Melissa Harwin, Highgate Farm $6,000 — Post Harvest Cure and Store Facility With the construction of two 8’ x8’ climate controlled on-site cure and storage buildings, Highgate Farms expects to reduce post-harvest product losses by up to 25%. One room … View >>

2019 Recipient: Mountain Harvest Organics

Carl Evans and Julie Mansfield, Mountain Harvest Organics $6,000 — Pizza Farm Agritoursim Carl and Julie will be transitioning their current successful farming operation from being focused on crop production to producing value-added products and services. They will upgrade infrastructure … View >>

2019 Recipient: Mountainwise Farm

Casy Jordaan, Mountainwise Farm $3,000 — Wash, Pack and Storage Facility Having recently moved their farming operation from leased to owned land, Mounatinwise Farm will improve the infrastructure on their new farm location by converting an existing building into a … View >>