2019 Recipient: Heartwood Farms

Sarah Beth Hopton, Heartwood Farms Ltd $6,000 — Rabbitry Heartwood Farms will be constructing an integrated, closed loop rabbitry and vermiculture barn and system. After two years of market testing a variety of livestock, they have determined that raising heritage … View >>

2019 Recipient: Full Moon Farm

Kara Dodson and Jacob Crigler, Full Moon Farm $3,000 — Paperpot Transplanter Full Moon Farms will purchase a specialty piece of equipment called a Paper Pot Transplanter. Rather than having to pop out plant starts by hand and place into … View >>

2019 Recipient: Pitch Pine Farm

at Paige Witherington and Justin Dansby, Pitch Pine Farm $6,000 — Root Vegetable Harvesting Equipment From farm analyses of their root vegetable production, it was identified that over ¾ of Pitch Pine Farm’s time is spent harvesting. The purchase of a … View >>

2019 Recipient: Clem’s Organic Gardens

Clement Swift, Clem’s Organic Gardens $6,000 —Machinery for Storage Vegetable Production To assist with the expansion high demand organic root vegetables, including a unique variety of potato marketed as the “Appalachian Gold,” Clem will be purchasing two pieces of specialty … View >>

2019 Recipient: 3M Livestock

Gregory Miller, 3M Livestock $6,000 — Diversifying to Goats and Sheep In order to diversify his cow/calf operation, Greg will be adding field fencing to farm and removing the barbed wire to introduce goats and sheep to his herd. Since … View >>

2019 Recipient: Trebuchet Hill

Julia and John McIntyre, Trebuchet Hill $6,000 — Cucumber Beetle Suppression with Alternative Row Cover and Introduced Pollinators Trecuchet Hill has been producing small batch organic artisanal pickles since 2016. Because of their popularity and demand, plans are to scale … View >>

2019 Recipient: Wild Berry Farms

Mitch Plemmons, Wild Berry Farms $6,000—Multi-Use Shed Mitch will construct a 24’x31’x12′ shed that will serve as a storing, grading and packing facility, as well as a space to park tractors and equipment when not in use. Currently, Mitch has … View >>

2019 Counties

  Click any county for details, or use these links: Avery (2) :: Buncombe (4) :: Burke (1) :: Caldwell (2) :: Cherokee (1) Cleveland (2) :: EBCI (2) :: Haywood (2) :: Henderson (3) Macon (1) :: Madison (5) … View >>

2019 Program

Mission of WNC AgOptions: Building sustainable farming communities in our mountain region by providing resources directly to farmers who are diversifying or expanding their operations. In February 2019 the WNC Agricultural Options program awarded 39 farm businesses grants totaling $216,000 … View >>

2019 Recipient: Pink Boots Farm

John Pearson, Pink Boot Farms $6,000 — Goat Barn Renovation/Milking Operation John and Lynn Pearson’s farm project is to add goat milk, butter, and aged goat cheese production to the farm. To accomplish this goal their 150 year old barn … View >>

2019 Recipient: Gaining Ground Farm

Anne and Aaron Grier, Gaining Ground Farm $6,000—Expansion of Heirloom Wheat and Rye Flour Production The Griers will purchase equipment to expand heirloom small grain production on their 12-acre diversified farm. While they have been growing grains for over 10 … View >>

2018 Topics

    In February 2018 the WNC Agricultural Options program awarded 43 farmers grants totaling $229,000 to assist them in diversifying their farms. Nine of the farm businesses received $3,000, one received $4,000, and 33 received $6,000. Projects increase the … View >>

2018 Recipient: Franny’s Farm

  Frances and Jeff Tacy, Franny’s Farm $6000 — Chicken Processing Barn with Brooder Room Franny’s Farm has streamlined their existing chicken operation with the addition of a dedicated processing barn with a brooder room. No longer does it take … View >>