2011 Recipient: Mountain Cattle Alliance

Primary Contact: L.T. Ward $20,000 — Improving Marketability of WNC Livestock The Mountain Cattle Alliance is encouraging the production of higher quality beef cattle that can command a higher price in the marketplace. The alliance is purchasing equipment and supplies … Read More

2011 Recipient: Southern Appalachian Family Farms (SAFF)

Primary Contact: Judy Johnson $17,000 — SAFF Start-Up and Marketing Plan Southern Appalachian Family Farms (SAFF) is creating a diverse marketing program to sell fresh, locally grown vegetables, fruit, meats, value-added and other agricultural products. The association anticipates boosting direct … Read More

2011 Recipient: Amos & Kaci Nidiffer

Amos & Kaci Nidiffer, Trosly Farm $6,000 — Value-Added Poultry Processing Equipment The Nidiffers are building a permanent processing building to expand their poultry operation and double their production. With the addition, they will meet the state requirements for on-farm … Read More

2011 Recipient: Grady Bob Johnson, Jr.

Grady Bob Johnson, Jr., Tucker Hollow Farm $6,000 — Berries and Honey Tucker Hollow Farm will expand their existing farm with the addition of blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and 20 stands of honeybees to pollinate the berries and their other vegetable … Read More

2011 Recipient: Thomas E. Shepherd, Jr.

Thomas E. Shepherd, Jr., Headwaters of Poverty Farm $6,000 — Specialty Poultry Thomas is raising and processing specialty poultry, focusing on poussins, three-week-old chickens. With the purchase of a brooder, grow-off pens and processing equipment, he is raising chickens from … Read More

2011 Recipient: Joan and Carl Chesick

Joan and Carl Chesick, Green Goddess Farm & Apiary $6,000 — Heckuva Honey House With the construction of a new structure for their apiary, the Chesicks are raising production by 500 percent and providing local beekeepers with adapted queens and … Read More

2011 Recipient: Loretta Ball

Loretta Ball, Craggy View Farm $6,000 — Farm Stand Loretta is building a farm stand on the Barnardsville Highway in Weaverville. At the retail store, she sells her greenhouse plants as well as locally grown and organic produce, meats, poultry, … Read More

2011 Recipient: William Metes

William Metes, B.M.S. Enterprises $3,000 — Shiitake Mushroom Smokehouse William is building a smokehouse for growing log-inoculated mushrooms infused with an aromatic wood smoke such as hickory during the fruiting process. He is experimenting with different infusion durations and fruiting … Read More

2011 Recipient: Leslie Sigmon

Leslie Sigmon, Emma Farms $6,000 — Indoor Oyster Mushroom Production Leslie is adding indoor oyster mushroom production to her farm to boost winter and early spring income. She is studying the most effective facilities, substrate and strains to determine the … Read More

2011 Recipient: Eddie and Jeff Frisbee

Eddie and Jeff Frisbee, Addison Farms Vineyard $9,000 — Vineyard and Winery Expansion The Frisbees are continuing the family’s fifth-generation tradition of farming by diversifying their cattle farm into a vineyard and winery. With the addition of 400 vines, they … Read More

2011 Recipient: Anthony Cole

Anthony Cole, Jasperwood Farm $3,000 — Production of Colored Bell Peppers Anthony is diversifying his winter squash, livestock and Christmas tree farm with the production of full color bell peppers, which provides cash flow at a time period when other … Read More

2011 Recipient: Mary Ann Thompson

Mary Ann Thompson, Traditional Delicacies $3,000 — Traditional Cherokee Delicacies Mary Ann recently started her forest delicacies business selling frozen and canned wild greens. She is also raising mountain crawfish, a traditional Cherokee forest food, in small-scale contained ponds. The … Read More