2011 Recipient: Jeff Mansker

Jeff Mansker, Anderson Creek Apiary $3,000 — Honey House and Extractor Jeff is building a honey room and purchasing an extractor to allow greater production of Premier Sourwood Honey, increase storage space and expand his overall operation. Jeff’s business is … View >>

2011 Recipient: Timothy Davis

Timothy Davis, Davis Farms $9,000 — Translicer for Greens With the purchase of a translicer, Timothy is diversifying his markets for 75 acres of collards, kale, turnips and mustard greens. The machine enables him to sell his products in a … View >>

2011 Recipient: Stephen Alan Thompson

Stephen Alan Thompson, Nottely River Valley Vineyards $6,000 — Tasting Room and Pavilion Stephen is constructing a tasting room and pavilion for a 10-acre vineyard, planted in Vitis Vinifera and French American Hybrids. The pavilion is the focal point of … View >>

2011 Recipient: Rick and Karen Jordan

Rick and Karen Jordan, Deerwood Nursery and Farms $3,000 — Produce and Poultry Cooler The Jordans are diversifying their nursery operations to include vegetable and poultry ventures. The addition of a walk-in cooler allows them to further expand by adding … View >>

2011 Recipient: Ray Chambers

Ray Chambers, Ray Chambers Farm $6,000 — Refrigeration Transportation Ray is increasing sales to farmers markets within 200 miles from his farm. With the purchase of a refrigerated box truck, he can transport his produce as soon as it is … View >>

2011 Recipient: Steve and Terry King

Steve and Terry King, King Harvest Farm $3,000 — Raspberry and Vegetable Expansion The Kings are diversifying their operation away from total reliance on landscaping and ornamentals into the full-scale commercial production of fruits and vegetables. They are expanding their … View >>

2011 Recipient: Herman Garrison

Herman Garrison $3,000 — Farm Sanitation for G.A.P. Certification Herman is in the process of applying for G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practices) certification, an important demonstration project for area growers. The purchase of two mobile porta-johns with hand-washing stations increases the … View >>

2011 Recipient: Jodie and Jeff Zahner

Jodie and Jeff Zahner, Oconee Bell Farms $6,000 — Oconee Bells The Zahners are expanding greenhouse space for propagating and first-year growing of the rare native evergreen groundcover Shortia galacifolia, commonly known as Oconee Bells. It is in great demand … View >>

2011 Recipient: Joni and John Wavra

Joni and John Wavra, Ty-Lyn Plantation $6,000 — Truffle Project The Wavras are phasing one-half acre of their Christmas tree farm into Black Perigord Truffles (which yields $800/lb) and possibly the Burgundy Truffles ($400/lb). They are preparing the soils, purchasing … View >>

2011 Recipient: David Noland

David Noland, Noland Farm Place $3,000 — Improving Cattle Genetics and Structure The purchase of one purebred Angus bull with enhanced genetics, structures and Expected Progeny Difference (EPD’s) enables Noland Farm Place to produce calves with improved genetics to better … View >>

2011 Recipient: Steven Beltram

Steven Beltram, Balsam Gardens $3,000 — Pastured Raised Poultry Processing Equipment The addition of an on-farm processing facility for pastured raised poultry allows Balsam Gardens to increase their production from 150 chickens to 600 a year as well as add … View >>

2011 Recipient: Tim & Annie Burrell

Tim & Annie Burrell, Rabbit Creek Bee Company, LLC $6,000 — Nuc Production for Natural Beekeeping The Burrells are diversifying their queen-rearing operation by producing nucleus hives for local natural and organic beekeepers, responding to the high demand and low … View >>

2011 Recipient: Steven Davis

Steven Davis, Davis Farm $9,000 — Dairy Barn Steven is diversifying his meat and vegetable operations by adding dairy milking for 50 head of Holstein and Jersey cattle. He is installing a milking system that will handle 12 cows at … View >>

2011 Recipient: Sue Mickey

Sue Mickey, Appleberry Cove Farm and School $6,000 — Pure Dairy Goat Pet Milk Sue is expanding the production, processing, packaging and marketing of goat milk for pet food under North Carolina milk for pet food use guidelines. She is … View >>