2013 Recipient: Van Winkle Farm

Kim Van Winkle, Van Winkle Farm/Johnson Branch Farms $6,000—Shiitake and Goldenseal Production  Kim is reintroducing farming to a dormant property with winter greenhouse shiitake mushroom production and the wild cultivation of goldenseal. She is constructing a solar heated greenhouse to … Read More

2013 Recipient: South Valley Nursery

  Tyler A. Buchanan, South Valley Nursery and Landscaping $6,000—Micropropagation Lab Tyler is building a micropropagation lab so that he can mass produce unique plants such as native orchids, which are challenging to propagate using traditional techniques. “Micropropagation is a … Read More

2013 Recipient: Whitson Farms

Gerald C. Whitson, Whitson Farms $3,000—Cold Storage Gerald is adding a cold storage unit for his potato crop, decreasing the amount of fuel and transport time as well as overall hours required to process the product. The storage area also … Read More

2013 Recipient: D & J Trees

Jack W. Wiseman, Jr., D & J Trees $3,000—Momi Fir Grafting and Native Ornamental Production Jack is helping solve root rot issues that Christmas tree growers commonly deal with by grafting the root-rot tolerant Momi fir species onto Fraser firs. … Read More

2013 Recipient: Smith’s Sweet Grass Farm

Randy and Megan Smith, Smith’s Sweet Grass Farm $6,000—Improved Forage-based Genetics for Grass-fed Beef The Smiths are transitioning their cattle to have foraged-based genetics, which should greatly reduce the high input costs associated with feed. Their goal is to produce … Read More

2013 Recipient: Woody Farms

Neal Woody, Woody Farms $6,000—Packing and Grading Facility Neal is building an on-farm packing facility and adding a well to improve the washing and grading system at his Leicester farm. This centralized grading shed reduces labor costs as well as … Read More

2013 Recipient: Revis Russian Apiaries

Ray Revis, Revis Russian Apiaries $6,000—Production and Evaluation of Russian Honey Bee Queens Ray is adding 50 new queen-mating colonies to his operation to be better prepared for the high-demand season. He is purchasing equipment and supplemental food stores to … Read More

2013 Recipient: Addison Farms Vineyard

Eddie and Jeff Frisbee, Addison Farms Vineyard $6,000—Winery and Vineyard Expansion The Frisbees are adding 400 vines of Petit Manseng to their vineyard, expanding it from 3.8 acres to 4.4 acres of six varieties. Growing more of their own fruit … Read More

2013 Recipient: Cove Creek Nursery

Alvin Lytle, Cove Creek Nursery $6,000—Expansion/Diversification to Grow Grain and Vegetables Alvin is diversifying his farm, which is currently a tree, shrub and vine nursery, to include the production of chemical-free produce and grain, flour and meal. He is cleaning … Read More

2013 Recipient: Reems Creek Nursery

Susan Reavis, Reems Creek Nursery and Landscaping $6,000 — Heated Greenhouse Dedicated to Sustainably Grown Products Susan is adding a 30-foot by 96-foot heated greenhouse specifically for growing vegetable and herb transplants in organic potting soils with organic fertilizer and … Read More

2013 Recipient: Payne Dairy Farm

Elymus D. Payne, Payne Dairy Farm $6,000—Replacement Heifer Barn Elymus is expanding to respond to the high demand for replacement heifers that have been trained to stand in headlocks. He is building a 40-foot by 100-foot pole barn with locking … Read More

2013 Recipient: Ramsey Farms

James A. Ramsey, Ramsey Farms $6,000—Cattle Handling Facility Jimmie is purchasing cattle handling equipment to increase the poundage per animal, raising profits by $150 to $200 each. He plans to increase his herd from 40 to 80 head, while also … Read More

2013 Recipient: Dancing Doe Farm

Julie Teneralli, Dancing Doe Farm $6,000—Heritage Hog Production Julie is adding heritage hogs to her operation, which has been a small vegetable farm and plant nursery since 2002. She is purchasing six piglets—Large Black and the Gloucester Old Spotted breeds—as … Read More

2013 Recipient: Ward Farm

Joe Ward, Ward Farm $6,000—Customized Kinze Row Planting System Joe is purchasing customized no-till row planting equipment that enables him to plant and grow no-till corn so he can expand into local food and livestock feed markets. He is also … Read More

2013 Recipient: Brothers on Farms

Susan Epps Ward, Brothers On Farms $6,000—Lamb Expansion Susan and her sons Dmitry, 13, and Andrei, 12, are adding all-natural grass-fed lamb to their growing farm business, which currently includes mushrooms, heirloom vegetables, rabbits, and specialty garlic and onions. The … Read More

2013 Recipient: Rabbit Creek Bee Company

Tim & Annie Burrell, Rabbit Creek Bee Company, LLC $6,000—Pollination Services The Burrells are expanding their beekeeping operation to enter a new market—pollination services for fruit and vegetable growers. They are increasing their current colonies from 230 to 350, with approximately … Read More