2014 Recipient: M&H Livestock

Gregory Miller, M&H Livestock $6,000—Cattle Handing System Gregory has upgraded his corral/chute working facility, significantly improving cattle handling at the farm. He has purchased and installed commercial quality heavy duty chutes, panels and cages as well as improving the ground … Read More

2014 Recipient: Old Mule Farm

Steve Modlin, Old Mule Farm $3,000—Sheep Handling Facility Steve has added a sheep handling facility to his existing corral system to improve the care of animals and ultimately increase production. The handling system includes a semi-circular crowding area, chute panels, … Read More

2014 Recipient: D&D Farm

Danny Thomason, D&D Farm $3,000—Packing Shed, Delivery Trailer, Row Cover Danny is retrofitting a tobacco barn into a packing shed to help speed up boxing of vegetables before it travels to TRACTOR Food and Farms, which distributes his produce. He … Read More

2014 Recipient: Banks Family Farms

Arlen Keith Banks Sr., Banks Family Farms $6,000—Sorghum Syrup Keith has improved his sweet sorghum operation by adding an extension to an existing building to house his juice press, create a storage room and expand the cooking shed to include … Read More

2014 Recipient: Goldfinch Gardens

Cedar Johnson and Ben McCann, Goldfinch Gardens $6,000—Lamb Production Cedar and Ben are diversifying their vegetable enterprise with the addition of meat sheep. They have purchased 12 ewes and will purchase one ram and begin breeding in late summer. They … Read More

2014 Recipient: Riddle-Edwards Farm

Gerald Riddle, Riddle-Edwards Farm $3,000—Sweet Potato and Corn Expansion Gerald has added 1.5 acres of Honey Select sweet corn and Hernandez and Bouregard sweet potatoes, using raised bed plastic mulching methods. The improved methods have increased his sweet potato production … Read More

2014 Recipient: C-Saw Hill Farm

Lisa and Brandon Higgins, C-Saw Hill Farm $6,000—Solar Hot Water Dairy and Cheese Plant Lisa and Brandon have installed a solar hot water system as part of their new dairy, where they plan to milk approximately 10 cows to produce … Read More

2014 Recipient: Ruff B Farm

Chauncey Barber, Ruff B Farm $3,000—Barber Boys’ Beef Responding to an untapped market for freezer beef in Polk County, Chauncey is developing a portion of his existing hay and cattle farm to better accommodate steers and heifers. He is adding … Read More

2014 Recipient: Twisted Ridge Farms

Abby and Zach Jones, Twisted Ridge Farms $6,000—Blackberries and Raspberries As part of a larger plan to expand and diversify Twisted Ridge Farms, Abby and Zach are adding blackberries and raspberries to their farm, which currently has one acre of … Read More

2014 Recipient: Cold Mountain Nursery and Farm

Josh Sorrells, Cold Mountain Nursery and Farm $3,000—Expansion of Beef Cattle Using Strip Grazing Josh is transitioning his cattle farm to the Strip Grazing method with the purchase of solar-powered electric fencing to divide his pasture and hay field into … Read More

2014 Recipient: Pressley Hollow Farm

John and Megan Pressley, Pressley Hollow Farm $6,000—Truffle Orchard John and Megan are diversifying their third generation family farm with the addition of a one-acre truffle orchard. They prepared the site, amended the soil, installed an irrigation system and planted … Read More

2014 Recipient: Stockbridge Farms

Zack and Jen Stockbridge, Stockbridge Farms $6,000—Cold Storage for Pastured Poultry Operation Zack and Jen have added cold storage units to their pastured poultry operation, which they expect will double farm revenue. They are maximizing batch sizes and can now … Read More

2014 Recipient: Blue Ridge Apiaries

Ryan Higgs, Blue Ridge Apiaries $6,000—Nuc Production Expansion Ryan is expanding the production of nucleus colonies, or “nucs,” to supply his own replacement colonies, cut down on swarming, as well as sell surplus nucs to other beekeepers to create a … Read More

2014 Recipient: Bluebird Farm

Marie Williamson, Bluebird Farm $6,000—Sustainable Hoophouse Farrowing for Pigs Marie is establishing an ecologically sustainable pasture hog system with the aim of demonstrating a financially viable model to other hog producers. She is constructing a hoophouse for hogs to farrow … Read More

2014 Recipient: Warren Cabe

Warren Cabe $6,000—Pasture-based Rotational Grazing of Cattle Warren is increasing the number of calves for market with the purchase of electrical fencing for pasture management as well as materials for improved livestock handling. He is dividing nine acres into paddocks … Read More

2014 Recipient: Shady Place Farms

Neal and Ava Morgan, Shady Place Farms $6,000—Structure to House and Sell Value-added Beef Neal and Ava have constructed a dedicated space on their farm for storing and marketing freezer beef to individuals and eventually restaurants. Their aim is to … Read More