2015 Recipient: Wards Farm

  Brent Ward, Wards Farm $3,000—Cattle Handling System Brent is improving the safety and efficiency of his cattle farm by adding a handling system, including a covered and fenced separation area. This dedicated space allows Brent to better control cattle … View >>

2015 Recipient: Sh-Nanny-Gans

  Shannonrae and Rickie Mathes, Sh-Nanny-Gans $6,000—Targeted and Rotational Grazing for Goats Shannonrae and Rickie are transitioning 58 acres of Fraser Firs into pasture for Boer meat goats, currently in 19 acres. The goats are rented to landowners for vegetation … View >>

2015 Recipient: Holt Livestock

Michael Joe Holt, Jr., Holt Livestock $6,000—Breeding and Feeding Facility for Show Pig Production Michael is expanding his pork and show pig operation by constructing a facility to house sows year-round. Both pork and show pig markets are promising, as … View >>

2015 Recipient: Jasperwood Farm

Anthony Cole, Jasperwood Farm $3,000—Winter Squash Curing Facility Anthony is building on the success of a 2010 WNC AgOptions project by improving the storage and curing of pumpkins and winter squash. He has constructed a passive solar heated facility to hold … View >>

2015 Recipient: Rolling Ridge Farm

Dwayne and Christy Reeves, Rolling Ridge Farm $6,000—Cattle Handling System Dwayne and Christy are enhancing the quality of their Black Angus cattle by improving stress and safety conditions at their Leicester farm with the addition of a cattle handling system. … View >>

2015 Recipient: Perry’s Berry’s

Debbie and Terry Perry, Perry’s Berry’s $6,000—Cold Storage and Processing of Blueberries Debbie and Terry have grown their consumer market by at least 30 percent with increases to blueberry shelf life. They purchased an air-forced refrigerator, which has lengthened shelf life up to … View >>

2015 Recipient: Thankful Fork Farm

James Davis, Thankful Fork Farm $6,000—High Tunnel for Season Extension James is diversifying away from commercial poultry by expanding vegetable production on his farm with the addition of an unheated greenhouse, called a high tunnel. He also plans to grow … View >>

2015 Recipient: Miller Farms

Jon Miller, Miller Farms $6,000—Kress Plastic Finger Weeder Jon is enhancing weed control methods on his 50-acre USDA Certified Organic vegetable farm with the purchase of a unique tool, the KRESS plastic finger weeder. The innovative tractor implement can be … View >>

2015 Recipient: SMM Farms

Salvador Moreno, SMM Farms $6,000—Produce Washing System Salvador is significantly cutting production costs on his 50-acre vegetable farm with the purchase of a washer and grader to clean and sort harvested produce. With this equipment, which helps decrease labor costs, … View >>

2015 Recipient: Wild Dahlia Homestead

Stacey Costner and Alex Fear, Wild Dahlia Homestead $6,000—Native and Perennial Food Crops in a Forest-Edge Permaculture Design Stacey and Alex are growing native plants and forest food crops using permaculture methods, revitalizing compacted soils on forest edges at Stacey’s … View >>

2015 Recipient: Wehrloom Honey

Jessica Wehr, Wehrloom Honey $6,000—Value-Added Product Expansion Jessica responded to customer demand for value-added products by creating three new product lines: cut-comb honey, spun honey and pollen. She purchased specialized equipment to harvest, process and market these products. Cut-comb honey is a … View >>

2015 Recipient: Ten Acre Garden

Danny Barrett, Ten Acre Garden $6,000—Pick-Your-Own Berry Expansion Danny has added pick-your-own raspberry and strawberry plants to his existing 10-acre vegetable and fruit farm. He aims to create a unique agri-tourism experience for his customers. “Ideally, each child who comes to … View >>

2015 Recipient: Hoopers Creek Botanicals

Wallace E. Souther III, Hoopers Creek Botanicals $6,000—Plants Production Upgrade Wallace has boosted Hoopers Creek Botanicals’ production capacity by securing a dependable water source and planting more seeds and transplants. A large expense of the project was drilling a well for irrigation … View >>

2015 Recipient: Balsam Gardens

Steven Beltram, Balsam Gardens $6,000—Expansion of Vegetables, Diversification of Markets, Transition to Certified Organic Steven has expanded Balsam Gardens’ vegetable production in a big way, while also transitioning to USDA Certified Organic to sell to large volume buyers and distributors. … View >>

2015 Recipient: Bumgarner Farms

Bryan Bumgarner, Bumgarner Farms $6,000—Feed Facility Bryan has built a facility to process cattle and hog feed, which he produces for his own livestock as well as sells to other farms and livestock feed stores. The fully enclosed metal building is large … View >>

2015 Recipient: 4 L Livestock

Jim Ledford, 4 L Livestock $6,000—Transition to Managed-Intensive Grazing Jim is transitioning his cattle operation to year-round Managed-Intensive Grazing, the next step in becoming a profitable and sustainable business. He is purchasing and installing a fencing system, creating a perimeter … View >>