2015 Recipient: Reeves Home Place

Robin Reeves Singleton, Reeves Home Place Farm $6,000—WhiskeyPigs Branded Meat Robin is developing a brand called “WhiskyPigs,” antibiotic and hormone-free meat from free-range animals that are fed whiskey mash from Troy & Sons at the Asheville Distilling Company. Heritage pigs, … View >>

2015 Recipient: Jewel Hill Farms

Ernest and Kim Ramsey, Jewel Hill Farms $6,000—Hay/Haylage Operation Ernest and Kim have established a new source of farm revenue on their diverse farm and have decreased the cost of feeding hay to their farm animals. They have purchased a BCS Walk Behind … View >>

2015 Recipient: Down to Earth Farm

Andrea Van Gunst, Down to Earth Farm $6,000—Small-Scale Sheep Dairy Andrea and Tim have diversified their two acre vegetable operation with a sheep dairy, building a small-scale dairy parlor. They plan to grow the flock of 13 to 100 milking … View >>

2015 Recipient: Mikell’s Farm

Sharren L. Mikell, Mikell’s Farm $6,000—Bee Farm Expansion Mikell’s Farm has doubled their existing bee yard so that they are now maintaining more than 30 hives, primarily for honey production. They have invested in Varroa Sensitive Hygenic (VSH) resistant queens, which is a natural … View >>

2015 Recipient: Old Mule Farm

Steve Modlin, Old Mule Farm $3,000—Frozen Lamb Storage and Distribution Space Steve has built a dedicated space to handle and store frozen lamb cuts. This space allows for the safe, sanitary and organized handling of lamb products. It has also opened a new … View >>

2015 Recipient: Deer Valley Farm

Bob Young, Deer Valley Farm $6,000—Cold Storage and Season Extension of Vegetables and Trout With the goal of doubling his production of vegetables and rainbow trout in the next two years, Bob has added cool storage and processing space. He has extended … View >>

2015 Recipient: Breedlove Farms

Patrick Jeremy Breedlove, Breedlove Farms $3,000—Poultry and Game Birds To meet customer demand, Patrick expanded his poultry venture. He produces game birds, laying hens and meat chickens for sale to hunting clubs and poultry growers. Patrick has upgraded his equipment … View >>

2015 Recipient: Pitch Pine Farm

Paige Witherington and Justin Dansby, Pitch Pine Farm $6,000—Season Extension Paige and Justin are creating optimal growing conditions for their vegetables as well as lengthening their growing season with the addition of a permanent high tunnel. The unheated greenhouse helps … View >>

2015 Recipient: Still Hill Dressage

Natalya Gryson, Still Hill Dressage $6,000—Expanding Horse Sales Using Management-Intensive Grazing Natalya is increasing profitability of her venture to train and sell horses by transitioning to Management-Intensive Grazing. Moving her horses out of the barn and to pasture cuts her … View >>

2015 Recipient: Todd Combs

Todd Combs $6,000—Castle Ford Hops Todd is diversifying his farm, where he recently planted 2.5 acres of ginseng, with one acre of hops. Several new local microbreweries recently opened in the Boone area, and no local hops farmers grow at … View >>

2015 Recipient: High Country Ginseng

Travis Cornett, High Country Ginseng $6,000—Processing and Storage Facility Travis is increasing the production capacity of ginseng and overall efficiency of his operation with the construction of a drying, cooling and storage facility. Without adequate space, he is unable to … View >>

2015 Recipient: W.O.W.S.A.

Jonathan Fannon, W.O.W.S.A. $3,000—Off-grid Post-harvest Washing and Cold Storage Jonathan is using a simple technique call “agrovoltaic” to shade heat-sensitive crops as well as generate energy for his farm. He is installing 2kw of solar panels high enough off the … View >>

2015 Recipient: Ridgewood Simmentals

Rusty Henson, Ridgewood Simmentals $6,000—Livestock Scales and Shelter Rusty is increasing the efficiency and profitability of his cattle farm with the addition of livestock scales and a shelter. Instead of hauling his cattle to be weighed at three different life … View >>

2015 Recipient: Isaacs Farm

David Isaacs, Isaacs Farm $3,000—Improved Calf Weaning Capabilities David is increasing the profitability of his cattle operation while enhancing the health and performance of his calves with the purchase of key pieces of equipment: a bulk feed bin, self watering … View >>