2019 Recipient: Pitch Pine Farm

at Paige Witherington and Justin Dansby, Pitch Pine Farm $6,000 — Root Vegetable Harvesting Equipment From farm analyses of their root vegetable production, it was identified that over ¾ of Pitch Pine Farm’s time is spent harvesting. The purchase of a … View >>

2016 Recipient: Blooming Branch Farm

Dietrich Blum, Blooming Branch Farm $6,000—Bulk Substrate Steam Pasteurizer for Mushroom Production Dietrich is building a bulk substrate steam pasteurizer that allows him to produce wholesale quantities of oyster mushrooms as well as fruiting columns and fruiting blocks for other farmers … View >>

2016 Recipient: Edwards Farm

James Moore Edwards, Edwards Farm $6,000—Grass-Fed Cattle   James is diversifying his vegetable operation with grass-fed cattle. He purchased seven calves to pasture on 16 acres. He feeds them on grass until autumn before slaughtering them for sale to restaurants and individuals … View >>

2016 Recipient: Exotic Natives Nursery

Bill Weeks, Exotic Natives Nursery $6,000—Expanding Markets and Increasing Manageability and Sales of Native Azaleas Bill has made critical changes at his nursery to sell off his current inventory of field-grown azaleas, which are mostly native to other parts of the Southeast, and … View >>

2016 Recipient: Lively Up Farm

Matthew Cooper, Lively Up Farm $3,000—Mushroom Production Matthew has constructed a hoop house for the propagation and fruiting of shiitake, oyster and lion’s mane mushrooms. The house allows for the ongoing propagation of mushrooms, while reducing input cost and increasing profits. He … View >>

2016 Recipient: Green Family Tree Farm

Burl Jonathan Greene III, Green Family Tree Farm $6,000—Farm Diversification   Burl has diversified his Christmas tree farm with berries and pumpkins to offer products and services year-round. He recently added 20 acres of land, which has 235 mature blueberry bushes … View >>

2016 Recipient: Against the Grain

Holland Whitesides and Andrew Bryant, Against the Grain $6,000—Sorghum Molasses and Mushrooms Holland and Andrew are creating a multi-use facility that houses a sorghum press, furnace and broiler. With this new building, they no longer need to travel 30 minutes … View >>

2016 Recipient: High Country Ginseng

Travis Cornett, High Country Ginseng $6,000—Continuing Processing and Storage Facility Travis has built a drying system and storage area to complete a processing facility for High Country Ginseng that he constructed with the help of a 2015 WNC AgOptions grant. He … View >>

2016 Recipient: Todd Combs

Todd Combs $6,000 —Green Dragon Ginseng Farm Todd is growing a trial acre of organic ginseng, testing out a new organic product, Root Shield, which contains a beneficial fungus that eats problematic fungus. Typically ginseng growers need to apply chemical … View >>

2016 Recipient: Cosmo Farm

Allen Frost, Cosmo Farm $6,000 —Poultry Processing Building Allen has constructed a dedicated poultry processing building to expand his non-GMO pasture-raised broiler operation. With the new building, he can process more birds in less time and during inclement weather. Since he … View >>

2016 Recipient: Linda Ann Davis

Linda Ann Davis $3,000 — Goat Milk Soap-Making Workshop Linda is constructing a workshop dedicated to the production of goat milk soap. The insulated 10-foot by 12-foot wood frame structure consolidates all phases of the soap making operation, including drying, curing, … View >>

2016 Recipient: Pangaea Plants

Gabriel Noard, Pangaea Plants $6,000 — Medicinal Herb Processing Gabriel has built an herb dryer and processing area so that he can sell medicinal herbs throughout the year, benefiting from the higher market value of herbs in the non-harvest season. He … View >>

2016 Recipient: TK Family Farm

Jon D. Klimstra, TK Family Farm $6,000 — High-Density Trellised Apple Orchard Jon has diversified his 15-acre farm with a high density trellised apple orchard. This orchard style allows for higher yields in a shorter amount of time than traditional orchards. … View >>

2016 Recipient: Altapass Orchard

Starli McDowell, Altapass Orchard $6,000 — Serving the Good Stuff Lunch Wagon Altapass Orchard, a 280-acre historic farm on the Blue Ridge Parkway that provides apple sales, tours, trails and events to the public, has built a food service building called the … View >>

2016 Recipient: Buck’s Tree Farm

Rodney Buchanan, Buck’s Tree Farm $6,000 — Alternative Fraser Fir Transplant Production Method Rodney is producing Fraser Fir transplants for his Christmas tree farm, growing them in containers instead of using the traditional lineout bed method to deter root disease. Root … View >>

2016 Recipient: Sweet Betsy Farm

Karen and Wade “Ed” Speer, Sweet Betsy Farm $6,000 — Bee Farm Season Extension Karen and Ed have renovated  their on-farm store, The Honey House at Sweet Betsy Farm, located just off US-221, so that they can keep the stand open … View >>