2017 Recipient: Homemade in Marshall

Kathleen and Kevin Lane, Homemade In Marshall Grant Award: $6,000 — Dairy Parlor Upgrade Kate and Kevin improved their milking routine with the addition of an enclosed milk room within their existing parlor. The new milk room houses a stainless … View >>

2017 Recipient: Doubletree Farm

Catherine Guthrie Bennett, Doubletree Farm Grant Award: $3,000 — Sorghum Syrup Expansion Cathy purchased equipment to streamline her sorghum syrup processing with the goal of increasing her production to 500 gallons per season. Cathy purchased a new wagon to store … View >>

2017 Recipient: Dry Ridge Farm

Graham and Wendy Brugh, Dry Ridge Farm Grant Award: $6,000 — Beef Expansion Graham and Wendy have added 10 beef cattle to their current eight-cow herd. They also currently farm 100 hogs, 2,000 meat chickens, 90 lambs and a 700 laying hen … View >>

2017 Recipient: JB Farms

Paula and Dale Boles, JB Farms Grant Award: $6,000 — Aquaponics Greenhouses Paula and Dale are continuing a project they started with a 2016 WNC AgOptions grant, converting their 500-foot former poultry house into an aquaponics greenhouse. After ending their … View >>

2017 Recipient: Holt Orchards

Tracy Cavagnaro and Todd Kirmss, Holt Orchards Grant Award: $6,000—Retail Cooling Shed Tracy and Todd, a brother/sister team, improved their apple orchard with the addition of a stand-alone cooling shed for bushels. The shed extends the availability of their apples … View >>

2017 Recipient: Fields of Gold

Lisa Black, Fields of Gold Grant Award: $6,000—Goat Milk Dairy Equipment for Goat Gelato Lisa has expanded her current goat milk dairy and artisan gelato business with the goal of becoming the leading organic Grade A dairy and gourmet handcrafted … View >>

2017 Recipient: Wehrloom Honey

Jessica Wehr, Wehrloom Honey Grant Award: $6,000—Mead Expansion Jessica and Aron have added a meadery to the Wehrloom Honey Retail Store and Educational Center in Robbinsville. While making wine out of honey is unique in itself, they also have the … View >>

2017 Recipient: Henry’s Farm

  Dwight Clifton Henry, Henry’s Farm Grant Award: $6,000 — Smoky Mountain Orchard Dwight added an acre of apple and pear trees to his 37-acre farm, in which he raises cattle, hogs and vegetables. He expects to generate income after the … View >>

2017 Recipient: Postell Hollow Farm

  Josh and Brooke Postell, Postell Hollow Farm Grant Award: $6,000 — Complete Sheep Working/Handling Facility Josh and Brooke built a working facility for their Katahdin sheep for more ease and safety when handling the animals. The facility promotes efficiencies … View >>

2017 Recipient: LeatherNeck Farms

  Samantha and Kevin Webb, LeatherNeck Farms Grant Award: $6,000 — Irrigation Expansion Samantha and Kevin have installed a self-propelled irrigation system to boost their vegetable and grass-fed livestock operation. The reel irrigation helps them maintain greener pastures and increase … View >>

2017 Recipient: Flag Branch Farm

  Kimberly P. Peace, Flag Branch Farm Grant Award: $6,000 — Adding Value to Goat’s Milk Kimberly converted an existing structure into a dedicated production facility for her goat farm, enabling her to manufacture a line of all-natural goat’s milk … View >>

2017 Recipient: Big John’s Hydro Farm

  John and James Carroll, Big John’s Hydro Farm Grant Award: $6,000 — Back-Up Electricity and Mini-Fogger John and his father James added a back-up generator to their existing 3,600-square-foot hydroponic greenhouse to deter crop loss during power outages. They … View >>

2017 Recipient: S.D. Morgan Farms

  Shannon Morgan, S.D. Morgan Farms Grant Award: $6,000 — Brewer’s Grain: It’s More Than Just Beer Shannon purchased a large dump trailer to haul wet spent grain from Greenman Brewing of Asheville to feed to his cattle. He has … View >>

2017 Recipient: Franny’s Farm

  Frances and Jeff Tacy, Franny’s Farm $6000 — Rotational Grazing for Sheep/Lamb Production Expansion Frances and Jeff have improved their sheep pastures and their rotational grazing system with the addition of permanent fencing and a central lambing shed. Their … View >>

2017 Recipient: Flying Cloud Farm

  Isaiah and Annie Louise Perkinson, Flying Cloud Farm Grant Award: $6,000 — Mobile Sorghum Operation Annie and Isaiah are building mobile sorghum processing trailers to turn sorghum cane grown on the farm into sweet sorghum syrup. The trailers allow … View >>