2019 Recipient: Pink Boots Farm

John Pearson, Pink Boot Farms $6,000 — Goat Barn Renovation/Milking Operation John and Lynn Pearson’s farm project is to add goat milk, butter, and aged goat cheese production to the farm. To accomplish this goal their 150 year old barn … View >>

2018 Recipient: Franny’s Farm

  Frances and Jeff Tacy, Franny’s Farm $6000 — Chicken Processing Barn with Brooder Room Franny’s Farm has streamlined their existing chicken operation with the addition of a dedicated processing barn with a brooder room. No longer does it take … View >>

2018 Recipient: Daintrey Trees

Adam and Bill Beuttell, Daintrey Trees $6,000 — Solar Greenhouse for Fraser Fir Seedlings/transplants To move away from being highly dependent on suppliers in the Pacific Northwest, the Beuttells installed a 16’ x 24’ solar powered greenhouse to grow their own … View >>

2018 Recipient: Ruby Brown Farm

Rick Rhinehart, Ruby Brown Farm $6,000—Pasture Raised Beef Ruby Brown Farm has expanded their freezer beef operation by building a dedicated 12’ x 16’ storage building to house 2 commercial freezers for beef and improving their feeding lot. As the … View >>

2018 Recipient: Morgan Branch Red Angus

Martin Morgan, Morgan Branch Red Angus $6,000—Corn and Grass Field Chopper Martin Morgan purchased a specialized piece of harvesting equipment—a corn and grass field chopper. The chopper cuts and chops green corn or grass into small pieces and deposits the … View >>

2018 Recipient: Mission Valley Farms

Deborah Witt Anderson, Mission Valley Farms $6,000 — Efficient Drip Irrigation and UV Water Purification for FSMA In order to expand, diversify, meet the requirements of the Food Safety and Modernization Act and to continue farming, Deborah purchased a new … View >>

2018 Recipient: Countryside Berries

Theresa Jaynes, Countryside Berries $6,000—Muscadine Project With the goal of doubling farm sales in two years, Countryside Berries has diversified their u-pick berry farm with the addition of muscadines. This season, they have planted 48 muscadine plants (6 varieties) and … View >>

2018 Recipient: Sugartown Farm and Nursery

Chip Hope, Sugartown Farm and Nursery $6,000 — Sustainable Plant Nursery Chip has established a sustainable, low-tech plant nursery to produce naturally grown plants for sale and to offer workshops on growing food, medicinal plants, organic farming, including livestock and … View >>

2018 Recipient: Postell Hollow Farm

  Josh and Brooke Postell, Postell Hollow Farm $3,000 — Economical Sheep Feeding Area Building on a successful 2017 WNC AgOptions grant to build a sheep working/handling facility, the Postells have turned an existing slant shed into a cost saving … View >>

2018 Recipient: Crookneck Farms

  Brad Bumgardner, Crookneck Farms $6,000 — Packing and Cooling Center To reduce losses, increase quality, extend the shelf life of their berries and reach new markets, Crookneck Farms has added a desperately needed cooling facility. The facility has satisfied … View >>

2018 Recipient: Crawford Acres

  Chris and Michelle Crawford, Crawford Acres $6,000 — Vineyard Expansion and Diversification Crawford Acres has expanded their grape plantings by 472 vines and diversified their crop with three new varieties of grapes. Their grant covered the costs for new … View >>

2018 Recipient: Goforth Livestock

Charles Edward “Trip” Goforth, Goforth Livestock $6,000 — Improving Beef Profits with TMR Feeding Trip Goforth purchased a specialized piece of feeding equipment—a vertical mixer or TMR (Total Mixes Ration) mixer for his 40-head cow/calf beef operation. Trip currently feeds … View >>

2018 Recipient: Lambert Farms

Danny and Krista Lambert, Lambert Farms $6,000—Wood Chips and Manure Composting The Lamberts are employing a wood chip/manure composting system on their farm to support the production of sustainably raised grass-fed beef, pastured chickens, pastured pork and pastured eggs. They … View >>

2018 Recipient: Double 00 Farm

Sophia Annette Ensley, Double 00 Farm $3,000—Breed Preservation and Increased Production Double 00 Farm has increased the size of their Large Black Hogs herd, a threatened breed of foraging hog that produces a micro-marbled meat. Their grant has allowed them … View >>

2018 Recipient: His Harvest Farms

Dakota Youngblood, His Harvest Farms  $4,000—Irrigation System Dakota has added an irrigation system for his current vegetable production and future and future blackberry plantings. He purchased and installed a pump, stainless steel sand filters, piping and drip lines. With this … View >>