2019 Recipient: Pink Boots Farm

John Pearson, Pink Boot Farms Grant Award: $6,000 — Goat Barn Renovation/Milking Operation John and Lynn Pearson’s farm project is to add goat milk, butter, and aged goat cheese production to the farm. To accomplish this goal their 150 year … View >>

2018 Recipient: Daintrey Trees

Adam and Bill Beuttell, Daintrey Trees Grant Award: $6,000 — Solar Greenhouse for Fraser Fir Seedlings/transplants To move away from being highly dependent on suppliers in the Pacific Northwest, the Beuttells installed a 16’ x 24’ solar powered greenhouse to grow … View >>

2018 Recipient: Franny’s Farm

  Frances and Jeff Tacy, Franny’s Farm $6000 — Chicken Processing Barn with Brooder Room Franny’s Farm has streamlined their existing chicken operation with the addition of a dedicated processing barn with a brooder room. No longer does it take … View >>

2018 Recipient: Ruby Brown Farm

Rick Rhinehart, Ruby Brown Farm Grant Award: $6,000—Pasture Raised Beef Ruby Brown Farm has expanded their freezer beef operation by building a dedicated 12’ x 16’ storage building to house 2 commercial freezers for beef and improving their feeding lot. … View >>

2018 Recipient: Morgan Branch Red Angus

Martin Morgan, Morgan Branch Red Angus Grant Award: $6,000—Corn and Grass Field Chopper Martin Morgan purchased a specialized piece of harvesting equipment—a corn and grass field chopper. The chopper cuts and chops green corn or grass into small pieces and … View >>

2018 Recipient: Mission Valley Farms

Deborah Witt Anderson, Mission Valley Farms Grant Award: $6,000 — Efficient Drip Irrigation and UV Water Purification for FSMA In order to expand, diversify, meet the requirements of the Food Safety and Modernization Act and to continue farming, Deborah purchased … View >>

2018 Recipient: Countryside Berries

Theresa Jaynes, Countryside Berries Grant Award: $6,000—Muscadine Project With the goal of doubling farm sales in two years, Countryside Berries has diversified their u-pick berry farm with the addition of muscadines. This season, they have planted 48 muscadine plants (6 … View >>

2018 Recipient: Sugartown Farm and Nursery

Chip Hope, Sugartown Farm and Nursery Grant Award: $6,000 — Sustainable Plant Nursery Chip has established a sustainable, low-tech plant nursery to produce naturally grown plants for sale and to offer workshops on growing food, medicinal plants, organic farming, including … View >>

2018 Recipient: Postell Hollow Farm

  Josh and Brooke Postell, Postell Hollow Farm Grant Award: $3,000 — Economical Sheep Feeding Area Building on a successful 2017 WNC AgOptions grant to build a sheep working/handling facility, the Postells have turned an existing slant shed into a … View >>

2018 Recipient: Crookneck Farms

  Brad Bumgardner, Crookneck Farms Grant Award: $6,000 — Packing and Cooling Center To reduce losses, increase quality, extend the shelf life of their berries and reach new markets, Crookneck Farms has added a desperately needed cooling facility. The facility … View >>

2018 Recipient: Crawford Acres

  Chris and Michelle Crawford, Crawford Acres Grant Award: $6,000 — Vineyard Expansion and Diversification Crawford Acres has expanded their grape plantings by 472 vines and diversified their crop with three new varieties of grapes. Their grant covered the costs … View >>

2018 Recipient: Goforth Livestock

Charles Edward “Trip” Goforth, Goforth Livestock Grant Award: $6,000 — Improving Beef Profits with TMR Feeding Trip Goforth purchased a specialized piece of feeding equipment—a vertical mixer or TMR (Total Mixes Ration) mixer for his 40-head cow/calf beef operation. Trip … View >>

2018 Recipient: Lambert Farms

Danny and Krista Lambert, Lambert Farms Grant Award: $6,000—Wood Chips and Manure Composting The Lamberts are employing a wood chip/manure composting system on their farm to support the production of sustainably raised grass-fed beef, pastured chickens, pastured pork and pastured … View >>

2018 Recipient: Double 00 Farm

Sophia Annette Ensley, Double 00 Farm Grant Award: $3,000—Breed Preservation and Increased Production Double 00 Farm has increased the size of their Large Black Hogs herd, a threatened breed of foraging hog that produces a micro-marbled meat. Their grant has … View >>

2018 Recipient: Dreamy Bean Farm

Alexa Baker, Dreamy Bean Farm Grant Award: $6,000—Heirloom Dry Beans and Dry Corn Production Expansion To meet demand for heirloom beans and corn, Alexa has expanded production of specialty legumes and grains by a half-acre with the purchase of a … View >>