2005 Farm: Colby Calhoun

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Colby Calhoun has grown tobacco for fourteen years in addition to raising cattle, hogs and chickens. Mr. Calhoun works in the public school system and has noticed an increase demand for fresh farm produce in the schools. With the support of the 2005 WNC Ag Options program Mr. Calhoun will convert one acre of tobacco fields into strawberry production.

In 2006 expected income from strawberries production is $3,500.

Because of this grant "I will be able to experiment with replacing tobacco income with strawberry production."

– Colby Calhoun
Mitchell County

With the knowledge and support from Jeff Vance and Jeremy DeLisle, Calhoun’s local county Cooperative Extension agents, this project could provide new income and fresh high quality produce to children and families in the community.

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