2008 Recipient: Diane Almond

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Beekeeping, Agritourism, Nursery Plants, Educational Farm

Diane Almond, owner of Honey Bees and Heather in Henderson County, is developing her nursery and apiary into an agri-tourism destination and educational resource for local residents. With the grant, she is increasing the number of bee hives and blueberry & heather plantings on her farm, creating educational materials, and offering workshops.

Diane sells blueberries, honey, ornamentals and young fruit trees. She specializes in pollinator plants that provide ample food for her bees.

Diane Almond
Honey Bees and Heather

"I can’t tell you how rewarding this grant project has been," Diane said. "Just writing the proposal itself provided direction and focus so that I quit feeling like I was wandering in the wilderness."

Visit www.honeybeesandheather.com

Henderson County

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