2009 Recipient: Salegee Farm

Joseph & Carol Doyle, Salegee Farm

"This grant has given us the ability to try more cultivars in this harsh mountain climate so that we understand lavender and heather better. It’s also given us a chance to experiment with opportunities for marketing." ~ Carol Doyle

Heather & Lavendar Project – $3,000

The Doyles have grown a variety of trees & bushes, including Christmas trees, since 2000 on their 230-acre property. Last year, they ran a test run of heather and lavender, which was successful. With the WNC AgOptions award, they will now expand their operation and develop a record system with proper propagation timing and techniques.

The Doyles think that the plants’ year-round color, erosion control properties, low maintenance needs, and survivability in cold climates will make the plants marketable. In 2010, they will start selling the plants to nurseries, landscapers, residential & commercial developers, and they hope to open up the farm eventually to visitors.

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