2005 Farm: Jim Edwards

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Jim Edwards grew up raising tobacco with his father to help pay for expenses at home and for his college education. 2004 was the last year Mr. Edwards planned to grow tobacco due to the end of the price support. Mr. Edwards plans to plant and harvest 6 acres of alfalfa forage, 1/2 acre of beans, 1/2 acre of corn and 1/2 acre of pumpkins for locale buyers in his community. Mr. Edwards wonderful personality and regular community involvement are also key factors to the success of his family farm.

In the next 2 years Mr. Edwards predicts being able to sell $18,100 of produce.

Because of this grant "I will be able to use the profits from my crops in 2005 to expand my operation over the next 2 to 3 years."

– Jim Edwards
Yancey County

With assistance from NC Cooperative Extension agriculture agents, Stanley Holloway, Jean Harrison and Claude Deyton, Mr. Edwards community supported agriculture (CSA) business will grow in the years to come.

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