2005 Farm: Michael Garland

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Michael Garland has raised tobacco for 18 years along with goats and small fruits. Mr. Garland’s goal is to convert his farm into a family-owned and operated campground. After the tobacco buy-out in 2004, the Garlands are transitioning their agricultural income with trout farming, rental camping cabins and more. With the support of the 2005 WNC Ag Options grant program the Garland’s will purchase trout and feed from Ken Wilson (a 2004 grant recipient).

Expected income from fish sales, cabin rental is $1,870 in 2005.

Because of this grant "Our family campground is able to quickly transition in the changing market conditions."

– Michael Garland
Mitchell County

With support from NC Cooperative Extension agents, Molly Sanford, Jeff Vance and Jeremy DeLisle, Mr. Garland will succeed in transitioning his business from tobacco.

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