Heather Bryant and Kris Gupton,
High Country Herbs

Greenhouse and Transplanter Upgrades
Grant Award: $6,000

High Country Herbs will build on their successful 2019 AgOptions grant project by upgrading their greenhouse and purchasing a transplanter.  With their past grant, Heather and Kris added a caterpillar tunnel to their 4-acre operation. They will be using this year’s grant to add shutters, fans and an overhead irrigation system to allow for optimal conditions for their seed starts and boost overall survival rates.

The addition of a water-wheel transplanter will significantly increase efficiency and reduce labor required when planting transplants in the field. With these upgrades, it is expected that they will be able to double production in 2020.

The Guptons grow hemp and vegetables, and have found that using tobacco practices with their hemp cultivation has worked very well. They sell via direct sales to breweries, restaurants and farmers markets in Caldwell, Watauga and Avery Counties

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