Nicole and Aaron Bradley, Colfax Creek Farm

Walk-in Freezer Expansion
Grant Award: $6,000

With the help of a 2017 AgOptions grant, Colfax Creek Farm has been very successful in the past few years and has expanded to supply eight restaurants, two retail stores, two butcheries, three food trucks, a residential treatment facility and a co-op grocery. To be able to keep up with demand, efficiencies in their operation must be made.

The addition of a walk-in freezer will allow for increased capacity of product on the farm and will allow them to double restaurant accounts and expand services and selections to customers such as the residential treatment facility which has recently requested a massive increase in orders. The walk-in freezer will replace 10-12 inefficient small freezers/coolers and will take them to the next level of production and put them at least a year ahead in their expansion plan.

Savings in energy and time will more than pay for the cost of the freezer in a few months. Currently, Colfax Creek Farm raises 300 hogs, 95 cows, 1000 meat chickens and 200 laying hens.

Rutherford County

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