Linda and Perry Carringer, Mountain Cheesery, LLC

Milking Room
Grant Award: $6,000

The Carringers are constructing a new, larger milking room to help expand their artisan cheese business. Mountain Cheesery recently invested about $65,000 in constructing a cheese room and creamery.

The farm’s current 12-foot by 12-foot milking room only accommodates two of their 26 milk goats at once, so they plan to build a 12-foot by 24-foot milking room with plumbing and electrical capacity and insulated walls and ceiling. It will hold five goats and feature a hot-water heater and a three-compartment stainless steel sink.

In addition, Linda and Perry are upgrading from their 8-pound milking machine to a system with five milk stands and a 35-pound milking machine. Several Clay County restaurants have expressed interest in buying their cheese products.


Clay County

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