Stephanie Vinat, The AppaLatin Farmstead

The AppaLatin Farm Building
Grant Award: $6,000

In 2020, AppaLatin Farmstead purchased a 10-foot by 24-foot building for the farm and had it wired with electricity. In 2021, Stephanie will add water lines from her well, build a wash/dry/pack station and outdoor produce pickup area and install a walk-in cooler and dry-storage space. She currently transports vegetables and microgreens uphill and across the road to her homestead for washing, drying, packing and storing in her home refrigerator before market.

The inadequate post-harvest situation has limited capacity and inhibited her from expanding beyond her current 1/10-acre of production space (the farm is 6.5 acres). The addition of well water at the farm is essential to health and safety as well as for future plans to build a certified kitchen for producing the farm’s line of salsas, sauces and spice blends.

AppaLatin currently sells from its own farm stand and online store, as well as Asheville area farmers markets, local grocery stores, and farmer cooperatives including Patchwork Alliance and Zadie’s Market.



Madison County

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