Sarah Coury and Ben Pick, Saturnia Farm

Nursery, Flower & Farm Goods Delivery Service
Grant Award: $6,000

In spring of 2020 as the COVID-19 crisis was unfolding, Saturnia Farm started a plant delivery service between Waynesville and Asheville. An immediate and overwhelming hit during the spring, demand kept up throughout the year and customers have requested to make this service permanent. To do that, they will purchase a used cargo van and up-fit it for nursery, flower and farm goods deliveries.

The van will have space for multiple orders and will allow them to launch a weekly fresh bouquet subscription service. It will also assist in transport to various regional plant sales and events (that were very lucrative pre-COVID), where they can expand their offerings and increase profits. Additionally, the dedicated delivery van will project a professional appearance and serve as mobile advertising, ultimately providing capacity to expand to new markets.


Haywood County

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