County Award Farm Project Name Topic
Avery Grant Award: $6,000 Tucker Hollow Farms Bedding and
Propagation Greenhouse
Avery Grant Award: $6,000 Skye2Farm LLC Skye Lavender Farm Venue Agritourism
Buncombe Grant Award: $6,000 Addison Farms Vineyard Crush, Cold Storage and Drying Facility Building
Buncombe Grant Award: $6,000 Gaining Ground Farm Expansion of Heirloom Wheat and Rye Flour Production Expansion
Buncombe Grant Award: $6,000 S.D. Morgan Farms Less Sediment/More Seed Equipment
Buncombe Grant Award: $6,000 Wild Berry Farm Multi-Use Shed Building
Burke Grant Award: $6,000 “Pick Dee’s Berries” at Skydance Farm “Park and Potty” Agritourism Infrastructure for “You-Pick” Berry Farm Agritourism
Caldwell Grant Award: $6,000 High Country Herbs LLC Farm Mechanization Equipment
Caldwell Grant Award: $6,000 Blue Ridge Apiaries Value Added Diversification: Session Mead Production Diversification
Cherokee Grant Award: $6,000 Two Crows Farm Product Production Expansion for Third Quality Fiber Expansion
Cleveland Grant Award: $6,000 Dollar Down Farm Growing Under Rolling Thunder Expansion
Cleveland Grant Award: $6,000 Hudson Poultry Farm, LLC Grain Storage for Expanded Marketing Building
EBCI Grant Award: $3,000 Long Family Farms and Gallery Mushroom and Medicinal Extracts and Oils Diversification
EBCI Grant Award: $6,000 Dugan Farms Mechanical Cultivation for Sustainable Weed Management Equipment
Haywood Grant Award: $6,000 Two Trees Farm/Sustainabillies LLC Outdoor Kitchen and Classroom Space Expansion
Haywood Grant Award: $6,000 Rice Family Farms LLC Bulldog Wrangler Portable Corral Equipment
Henderson Grant Award: $6,000 Holt Orchards Building Enclosure to House Packing Line Building
Henderson Grant Award: $6,000 McConnell Farms Enable to Label – A Custom Labeling Project Equipment
Henderson Grant Award: $6,000 Bee-utiful Farm and Garden Honey House Building
Macon Grant Award: $3,000 Bateman Girls’ Cattle Farm Heifer Replacement Program Cattle
Madison Grant Award: $6,000 Dry Ridge Farm LLC Laying Hen Expansion Chickens
Madison Grant Award: $6,000 Mountain Harvest Organics Pizza Farm Agritourism
Madison Grant Award: $6,000 Highgate Farm Post Harvest Cure and Storage Facility Building
Madison Grant Award: $6,000 Jenkins Angus Farm AI Cattle Working System Cattle
Madison Grant Award: $6,000 Carolina Flowers Dahlia Crop Expansion Expansion
McDowell Grant Award: $6,000 Beekeeper INC Bee Hive Transportation Upgrade Equipment
Mitchell Grant Award: $3,000 Tater Hill Farms Tater Washer Equipment
Mitchell Grant Award: $6,000 Sink Hole Creek Farms No Till Seeder Equipment
Polk Grant Award: $6,000 TK Family Farm TEW model M-4 Fruit Packing/Sorting Line Equipment
Rutherford Grant Award: $6,000 Moss & Thistle Flower Farm Sustainable Floriculture for Local Markets Building
Transylvania Grant Award: $3,000 The Farm at Gwynn Valley Produce Packing Shed Equipment
Transylvania Grant Award: $6,000 Clem’s Organic Gardens Machinery for Storage Vegeatble Production Equipment
Transylvania Grant Award: $6,000 Pitch Pine Farm Mechanized Root Harvesting Equipment Equipment
Watauga Grant Award: $3,000 Full Moon Farm Paperpot Transplanter for Increased Production Equipment
Watauga Grant Award: $3,000 Mountainwise Farm LLC Wash, Pack and Storage Facility Building
Watauga Grant Award: $6,000 Heartwood Farms Ltd Rabbitry Building
Watauga Grant Award: $6,000 Trebuchet Hill Cucumber Beetle Supression with Alternative Row Cover and Introduced Pollinators Equipment
Watauga Grant Award: $6,000 3M Livestock Diversifying Farm Operations Diversification
Yancey Grant Award: $6,000 Pink Boots Farm LLC Goat Barn Renovation/Milking Operation Building