2005 County: Yancey

– David Bodford: Rhododendron, Azalea, Mountain Laurel
– Donald Woodby and Charles Conley: Boxwoods
– Fred Woodby: Produce Stand
– Jim Edwards: Alfalfa, Beans, Corn and Pumpkins
– The Austin Family: Petting Zoo … View >>

2004 Farm: Alex and Nicole Dension

  Looking to expand apart from the individual and wholesale markets, agritoursim seemed the next logical step for the Denison’s trout farm. Having been asked repeatedly if they allow “fish-out” or for tours by both community members and the occasional … View >>

2004 Farm: Anthony Owens

  A. Owens has inherited his family’s apple orchard and has grown apples for the past 14 years. With the grant money Anthony will purchase organic chemicals, packing supplies and digital weather station to increase the production and quality of … View >>

2004 Farm: Beverly Whitehead

  Beverly and her husband have been farming since they were kids. In 2001 they helped to start the Smoky Mountain Native Plant Association and became cooperators in the Specialty Crops Program. This grant allowed them to expand the specialty … View >>