2018 County: Avery

– Daintrey Trees: Solar Greenhouse for Fraser Fir Seedlings
– Haw Mountain Nursery: Growing Fraser Firs in Outdoor Beds
– Hall’s Hill Farm: Greenhouse Expansion and Season Extension … View >>

2018 County: Madison

– Wildbud Natives: Shade Tunnel Project
– Greenshire Farms: Operation Paper Pot
– The Farmer’s Hands: Teaching and Event Shelter
– Our Friendly Allies: Greenhouse and farm Expansion
– Grassroots Farm and Dairy: Sheep Dairy … View >>

2018 County: McDowell

– Mikell’s Farm Honey: Honey Expansion
– Orr Bee Supply: Apiary Expansion
– Revis Russian Apiaries: Instrumental Insemination of Russian Honey Bee Queens
– Alt Hill and Verdant Pastures: Small Fruit Diversification … View >>