Exclusively funded by the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission

2005 Farm: David Bodford

  David Bodford is a part time farmer who has grown tobacco in the past along with variety of vegetables and Christmas trees. After experimenting and learning about the production of native shrubs and nursery plants with Harold Buchanan, a … View >>

2005 Farm: Dickie Jarret

  Dickie Jarret has created a radiant heating system for the floor of his greenhouse to utilize the area below the bedding tables. Mr. Jarret will root native shrubs to sell in the winter months. With help from his local … View >>

2004 Farm: Beverly Whitehead

  Beverly and her husband have been farming since they were kids. In 2001 they helped to start the Smoky Mountain Native Plant Association and became cooperators in the Specialty Crops Program. This grant allowed them to expand the specialty … View >>

2004 Farm: Harold Buchanan

  H. Buchanan has grown tobacco for 45 years and is now looking to diversify his farm operation to grow rhododendron and azalea bushes. With the help of his Cooperative Extension agents Harold Buchanan will be able to supplement his … View >>

2004 Farm: John Jenkins

  After spending most of his life farming tobacco, John Jenkins is ready to “plow new fields.” With help from his county extension agent and this grant, John is looking to break into the organic and native plants market by … View >>

2004 Farm: Nathaniel Maram

  Nathaniel and his wife moved to Watauga County in 1998. They are interested in diversifying the production of their farm and exploring agritourism through their contacts in the Choose-N-Cut industry. The Maram’s plan is to propagate seeds of native … View >>